About us


Frank Coenders Kwekerijen B.V. is growing due to constant investments in quality, capacity and variety. At the moment, we are cultivating on an area of 35 hectares. This surface is inter alia used for the production of rootstocks, one- and two year old roses, roses on stems and plants for the crop rotation. The roses in containers are grown on modern ebb and flow systems as well as in greenhouses. We are a first-class family business in Grubbenvorst which does the complete production herself; from rootstock to the most extraordinary beautiful and fragrant shrub-, climbing and standard roses.



“Within our broad assortment we are constantly on a quest for the best!”

Our past

The nursery is grounded in 1990 as soon as the entrepreneur, Frank Coenders, graduated from the HAS in Den Bosch. The first following 10 years he worked in partnership with his father, initially completely focused on open field roses and arable farming. From 1993 onwards, Frank Coenders started producing roses in containers which have eventually led to the building of greenhouses, container fields and corporate buildings.

Frank Coenders Kwekerijen B.V. has been able to grow to her present capacity because of knowledge, passion and well trained staff.



We are eager to meet the wishes of the customer regarding quality, labelling and delivery. In this way, we are able to provide the roses with a ‘private’-label. The fact that we stay true to our word, can be seen by our long-term relationships with customers and suppliers. We mainly deliver to merchants, the Cash-and-Carry, garden centres and construction markets in the Netherlands and abroad. Certifying is part of our business and is a warranty for our clients, but is also important to us in terms of our Corporate Social Responsibility.

Our mission/vision

Supplying customers with the highest level of quality in our products and achieving this with the most durable way of cultivating roses on the open field. Crop rotation and the cultivation of tagetes play crucial roles in this process. Besides producing sustainable plants, we develop continuously by adding the most excellent new species from up-to-date international breeders. Our competent and devoted staff works with a high standard of mechanisation in which ergonomic aspects make up a huge part of the process. We see the future as a challenge in which we will keep supplying the customer with the most beautiful flower in the world, the rose.