Komende Beurzen

Wilt u ons graag komen bezoeken tijdens een beurs? Regelmatig zijn wij te vinden op verschillende beurzen. In het overzicht hieronder vindt u de meest actuele beursdatums.

Plantarium 2018 Boskoop

22 augustus 2018 tot 25 augustus 2018

Frank Coenders Kwekerijen vindt u op het Plantarium 2018 in Boskoop. Bent u er dan ook weer bij?

At the IPM Essen from Januari 26th until 29th, we presented our new table concept.

Did you see it? Thank you for visiting our booth!

IPM 2016

In the upcoming season we will start with a new way of labelling our roses and we will introduce new labels which are meant to enlarge the recognition of our roses. On the next few trade fairs we will present the new label on which we have been working hard in cooperation with DesignStar. The result is brilliant.

Our labelling

From the 19st up to and including the 26th of June 2016 the Potrozenshow took place again in the Rozenhof in the picturesque village of Lottum. We participated with a variety of beautiful species and won five prizes which made us very proud and happy! A 1st and 2nd prize in the category of Best Pot Roses, a 2nd and 3rd prize in the category of Best Standard Roses and the 2nd prize for Best Presentation. For more information about the Potrozenshow, go to In 2017, the Potrozenshow will take place from the 18th up to and including the 25th of June.

Potrozenshow 2016

With our eyes on the upcoming anniversary, we can proudly present you our new branding. A complete new and modern company logo containing the basic colours of the rose, which is suitable for us in the coming years.

New branding